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Ex-WWE star Kurt Angle took 65 Vicodin in a day while battling addiction

Kurt Angle says that he used to take 65 extra-strength Vicodin to cope with pain.
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Former WWE star Kurt Angle told Dan Le Batard Show that he knew his painkiller addiction was getting bad when he took “65 extra-strength Vicodin a day.”

“I was on a lot -- there was no way I couldn't get out of it,” Angle said. “The only thing I could do was eventually go to rehab and try to fix my life again. But I actually beat it on my own. I stayed in my house for about 10 days and didn't leave, and I was able to get through the withdrawal.”

Watch Angle's interview with Le Batard below:

Angle battled his addiction to the painkiller as he recovered from an injury to his cervical vertebrae at the 1996 U.S. national trials, which also required Novocaine injections in his neck to compete. He later started taking Xanax to cope with stress. Angle took gold at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta in freestyle wrestling.

Angle was also troubled out of sports as he was charged with four DUIs over five years before checking into rehab in 2013. Angle says he has been clean over the last three years.