Video: French rugby player faces lifetime ban for knocking out ref with punch

The shocking incident occurred during a junior game. 
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A rugby player in France may be banned from the sport for life after knocking out a referee with a punch to the face, according to the Independent

The unnamed player for Saint-Esteve punched the referee after being shown a yellow card and proceeded to punch opposing players who confronted him. The ref, Benjamin Casty, laid motionless on the ground as the players brawled around him. Casty was taken to a hospital and the match was called off after 25 minutes of play. 

The shocking incident occurred during a match in the French junior cup last week. Video of the punch emerged Thursday. 

Saint-Esteve’s club president resigned in the wake of the incident. The president, Christian Cozza, also said that the player had already been suspended four games this season. 

Saint-Esteve is a feeder club for the Catalans Dragons, who are led by Remi Casty, the brother of the referee involved in the incident.