Oklahoma Softball's Paige Parker Throws No-Hitter to Clinch Big 12 Title in Tornado Watch

Oklahoma's softball team won the Big 12 title during a tornado watch.
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Oklahoma's softball team clinched the Big 12 title as senior starter Paige Parker threw a no-hitter on Wednesday.

What makes the Sooners's win even more impressive is that they won the game during a tornado watch. 

During the fifth inning, the game went into a weather delay due to lightning in the area. Being up 8-0 over Oklahoma State, the team danced outside of their dugout to stay busy during the delay.

Oklahoma went on to beat Oklahoma State 8-0 for the conference title. This is the seventh straight Big 12 title for Oklahoma's softball team. 

Parker is having the best season of her college career, going 22-2 with an 0.91 ERA heading into Wednesday's game.