Bubba Wallace Believes Kyle Larson Deserves Second Chance After Using Racial Slur

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Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s only African American driver who races in its national series has weighed in on Kyle Larson’s use of a racial slur during a virtual race. "What Larson said was wrong, whether in private or public," Wallace said in a statement. "There is no gray area." The incident occurred during an iRacing event Sunday night, in which Larson lost communication on his headset. “You can’t hear me?” Larson asked, followed by the n-word. Wallace said he and Larson had a conversation about the incident and Larson offered a sincere apology. "I am not mad at him, and I believe that he, along with most people deserve second chances, and deserve space to improve," Wallace said. Larson has been suspended by Chip Ganassi Racing as a result of the incident.