Video: Clippers' DeAndre Jordan dunks over Pistons' Brandon Knight

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By Ben Golliver

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan threw down an emphatic alley-oop dunk over Pistons guard Brandon Knight during a Sunday night game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

With 4:32 remaining in the second quarter and the Clippers leading 55-36, Jordan cut down the middle of the court freely, taking off from the middle of the paint as Chris Paul lofted an alley-oop pass in from the right wing. Knight attempted to rotate over from the weakside corner to defend the play, but the eight-inch height disparity between the two players proved to be a significant problem. Jordan caught the ball and stretched the ball back in mid-air, spiking the ball over a helpless Knight, who wound up flat on the ground after Jordan's follow-through, which even included a little leg kick action for good measure.  Jordan's head is at rim level as he prepares to drop the hammer, adding to the devastating effect.

This dunk marks Jordan's strongest entry into the “Dunk of the Year” conversation, which also includes: Kobe Bryant over Josh SmithKobe Bryant over Kris Humphries and Gerald WallaceMichael Kidd-Gilchrist over Greg MonroeDeMar DeRozan over Timofey MozgovNick Young over Larry SandersKevin Durant over Marcin GortatGerald Henderson over Dwight HowardByron Mullens over LaMarcus AldridgeJeff Green over Al Jefferson; and Harrison Barnes over Nikola Pekovic.

Video of the dunk quickly spread around the internet, leading to several mesmerizing Photoshops, memes and a Wikipedia obituary.

Via YouTube user MaxA711Clips | Hat tip: @maxamillion711