2013 NBA Mock Draft 2.0

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It has been six years since there have been this many questions at the top of the draft. In 2007, the Trail Blazers faced a tough decision: Ohio State phenom Greg Oden, the defensive-minded center many compared favorably to Bill Russell, or Kevin Durant, the smooth, explosive scoring forward from Texas.

Then, though, the Blazers believed they were choosing between two players who were close to can't miss. This year, there is much more uncertainty.

The Cavaliers are one month away from being on the clock and there is still no guarantee that they will keep the pick, or if they do, which player they will draft. Kentucky center Nerlens Noel is the safe pick, but, said a Western Conference executive this week, "if I could get a young starter for him, I'd really consider it." Similarly, Orlando, with holes everywhere, faces a difficult decision at No. 2.

With individual workouts in full swing, here's SI.com's Mock Draft 2.0.