Phoenix Suns unveil new jerseys, sleeved orange alternates for 2013-14 season

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Members of the Suns model their new jerseys for the 2013-14 season. (@PaulCoro)

Members of the Suns model their new jerseys for the 2013-14 season. (@PaulCoro)

The Phoenix Suns unveiled new jersey designs for the 2013-14 season during a fashion show style presentation in Scottsdale on Thursday.

Three different designs were unveiled: a home white jersey, a road purple jersey and a sleeved, orange alternate jersey.

The home white jerseys include "speed lines" built into the orange lettering, orange "sun rays" under the "Suns" team name in orange block letters across the chest, and black numbers just below the heart.

The road purple jerseys include "Phoenix" in white block letters with white "sun rays" underneath and orange numbers just below the heart.

The orange alternates include sleeves, much like the Warriors' yellow alternates, and feature "Suns" in white block letters across the chest with black numbers just below the heart.

A close-up look at the Suns' three new jersey designs. (


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The franchise had two options for coping with the departure of franchise point guard Steve Nash last summer: 1) attempt band-aid solutions or 2) tear it all the way down. After trying and failing to make the first, less drastic approach work, the Suns proceeded with a total rebuilding effort this summer, hiring new GM Ryan McDonough and new coach Jeff Hornacek, trading for Eric Bledsoe, drafting Alex Len, and accumulating picks as they turn toward the future.

This new chapter of Suns hoops now gets these new uniforms. The organization brought out a number of players -- current and former -- to unveil the designs.

Suns players Eric Bledsoe, Alex Len, Archie Goodwin and P.J. Tucker will reveal the new look, with Suns Ring-of-Honor members Alvan Adams, Tom Chambers, Walter Davis and Dick Van Arsdale, as well as alumni Eddie Johnson, Steven Hunter and Tim Kempton all scheduled to participate. Legendary radio play-by-play broadcaster Al McCoy, as well as Suns President Jason Rowley, will also play a role in the highly anticipated event.

The Arizona Republic recently ran down the Suns' jersey updates throughout the years.

The Suns’ original jerseys had a Westernized “PHOENIX” font on the front side with the sides of the shorts featuring the sunburst logo, which Jerry Colangelo paid $400 to have designed. That Westernized lettering and uniform style was kept from 1968-92, when the team underwent a uniform change as it moved into then-American West Arena (now US Airways Center) for the 1992-93 season.

For that silver anniversary season, the uniforms were changed to put “Suns” on the front with a diagonal sunburst. A black version of those uniforms was later included.

The Suns’ most recent uniform restyling came in 2000 with white home jerseys that read “Suns” on the front and had purple sides and purple home jerseys that read “Phoenix” and had gray sides. An orange version of the jersey was added in 2003 with “PHX” on the front and gray sides.

Here's a look at the three new designs -- front and back -- one by one. Photos via

The Suns' new home white jersey. (

The Suns' new white home jersey. (

The Suns' new road purple jersey. (

The Suns' new purple road jersey. (

The Suns' new orange-sleeved alternate jersey. (

The Suns' new orange sleeved alternate jersey. (

Below, find a gallery of Suns jersey images throughout the years, dating back to the franchise's formation in 1968. Charles Barkley, Jason Kidd, Amar'e Stoudemire and Steve Nash all make cameos.