Farewell to The Point Forward

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It's been a day of change here at SI.com, where the aesthetics and function of this site have been overhauled completely. With that redesign comes a structural shift worth noting: As of today, The Point Forward is no more. 

For those unfamiliar with The Point Forward, carry on. To those who frequented the blog front for news, chimed in regularly in the comments, bookmarked the site for a return visit or subscribed in any capacity, however, we thank you. We've been lucky enough to set up shop in our little corner of the Internet with the help of some terrific editorial guidance and the first-class precedent established by blog alumnus Zach Lowe. SI.com's site-wide redesign, though, has smoothed over the boundaries between all aspects of our NBA coverage, from blog posts to columns to breaking news.

The spirit of our analysis will remain the same. Be sure to bookmark si.com/nba. You can find Ben and I in the flow of SI.com's mainpages, as per usual, or on our individual authorpages. Our dear friend The Point Forward, though, goes off – like so many other blogs before it – into the ether.