Report: Cavaliers still unsure what to do with top draft pick

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With less than 36 hours left to make up their minds, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still not sure what they will do with the top pick in Thursday night's draft, according to a report from

The Cavs have essentially three options: take Andrew Wiggins, take Jabari Parker, or trade the pick. ESPN reports that the Cavs front office "is leaning toward selecting Parker," while owner Dan Gilbert "favors drafting Wiggins." Possible trade partners include the Sixers, Jazz and Magic. Orlando is reportedly offering pick Nos. 4 and 12, along with Arron Afflalo.

Parker told ESPN's Andy Katz today that he thinks he'll be selected by the Bucks with the No. 2 pick. 

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The most interesting thing might not be what Cleveland does Thursday, but rather what it does later this summer. The Cavs have made no secret about their desire to reunite with LeBron James, and what they do with their top draft pick could impact their chances of making that happen, ESPN notes.

The Cavs have strong interest in trying to lure James back to Cleveland this summer and know they need to add more pieces to make the team more attractive. Afflalo is a veteran guard who both defends and shoots the three and would be a nice addition to the Cavs' backcourt.

If the Cavs keep the pick, they also may have to factor in who could help in the process to lure James.

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Cleveland had reportedly settled on selecting Joel Embiid, but the Cavs changed their mind after the big man underwent foot surgery. ​

— Dan Gartland