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Someone stabbed Los Angeles Clipper Matt Barnes' aunt in the neck earlier this month and left her for dead. Barnes is trying to find out who committed the murder using social media. 

By SI Wire
July 24, 2014

Matt Barnes is taking a hands on, 21st century approach to finding the man who murdered his aunt on a Sacramento sidewalk earlier this month. Michael Lee Williams, the woman's estranged husband and now a transient, stabbed 48-year-old Tanganyika Williams in the neck and left her for dead. More than two weeks after the killing, he is believed to be at large in the Sacramento area.

The Sacramento Bee reports Mr. Williams has a previous conviction in Oklahoma for shooting with the intent to kill in 1992. 

Barnes summarized what happened to his aunt via a tweet Tuesday and urged anyone with information on Mr. Williams' whereabouts to contact Sacramento police. On the same day, Barnes used his Instagram account to post a picture of Williams to spread awareness of his appearance in hopes of aiding his capture. 

"Michael Williams is still on the run for murder he is suspected to still be right here in Sacramento," Barnes wrote. 

Barnes included a family phone number in the Instagram posting. Tanganyika's daughter Taquita Lugo said while this has brought about some useful information, it has also prompted an outpouring of fans eager to talk with Barnes. 

Those with any information about Mr. Williams might be wiser to contact Sacramento police directly. 

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- Will Green

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