Magic unveil new sleeved jerseys much to the dismay of everyone

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Media day tends to bring out the worst of the NBA. Whether it's the endless spewing of clichés, the unveiling of horrendous haircuts or the mustering of fake enthusiasm, it's pretty much a wash when it comes to taking away anything useful from the team events.

The highlight (or maybe lowlight?) of this year's festivities comes from Orlando, where the Magic unveiled their alternate sleeved jerseys for the 2014-15. The team plans to wear their "Pride" jerseys for 12 home games this season.

While the below photo is technically safe for work, I feel like I should warn you anyway that what you're about to see may be disturbing:

[Credit: @stevekylernba]

First question that comes to mind: Why? Second question: How's the Magic's bullpen? Third: Are the pinstripes the NBA's belated version of a tribute to Derek Jeter? 

Confirming this wasn't some kind of elaborate mistake, the Magic also unveiled this diagram of the team's new jerseys:

Magic jerseys

Bold prediction: If sleeved jerseys are the future of the NBA, the league will go under by November.

-- Matt Dollinger