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Randy Foye had a bit of a beer-related mishap during Tuesday's Nuggets-Spurs game.

By Ben Golliver
January 20, 2015

The scorekeeper can mark this one down as both a turnover and a party foul.

Nuggets guard Randy Foye inadvertently made a mess of things against the Spurs on Tuesday when he tumbled to the hardwood near midcourt, kicking a beer out of a courtside attendant's hand and spilling the beverage everywhere. 

With a little less than three minutes remaining in the first quarter and Denver leading San Antonio 14-12, Kawhi Leonard deflected a pass that was intended for Foye and took off for the races. Foye stumbled to the court as he gave chase, and he nearly completed a somersault before disrupting an entire tray of beers being served to some fans in the good seats.

The officials stopped play shortly thereafter to clean up the nasty, foamy stickiness usually found on a fraternity house's floor. Multiple ballboys and even Rocky, the Nuggets' mascot, went to work on scrubbing the court before play could resume. 

The Spurs led the Nuggets 51-48 at halftime.

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