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Video: Steve Kerr rips off suit jacket before screaming at referee

Warriors coach Steve Kerr lost his cool during Golden State's 110-99 road loss to Cleveland on Thursday.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr lost his cool during Golden State's 110-99 road loss to Cleveland on Thursday, ripping off his suit jacket and screaming at referee Bennett Salvatore during a heated third-quarter exchange. 

This was pretty special as far as NBA meltdowns go: Kings center DeMarcus Cousins might have kicked a chair in frustration on Wednesday, but even he managed to keep all of his clothes on.

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​With Cleveland leading 72-61 heading into a timeout roughly four minutes into the second half, an irate Kerr had to be restrained from confronting the officials by assistant coach Alvin Gentry. Earlier in the game, Kerr received a technical foul for directing a string of profanities at referee John Goble.

This time around, Kerr directed his anger at Salvatore. After shouting at the official and motioning with his arm, Kerr walked back to the bench, where he stripped off his jacket and threw it on an open chair. He then appeared to repeatedly tell Salvatore to "watch the replay," prompting the veteran official to address him face-to-face near the bench.

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Kerr somewhat miraculously avoided an ejection, but his display of emotion was unable to turn the tide for his squad, as a game-high 42 points from LeBron James sealed the double-digit win for Cleveland. Kyrie Irving added 24 points and three rebounds for the Cavaliers.

David Lee led the Warriors with a 19 points and four rebounds. Stephen Curry added 18 points and six assists.

Cleveland improved to 37-22. Golden State fell to 44-11.