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Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tells his side of the DeAndre Jordan signing

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban gave his side of the DeAndre Jordan saga via the Cyber Dust app.

In wake of DeAndre Jordan's decision to spurn the Mavericks and re-sign with the Clippers, Dallas owner Mark Cuban gave his side of Tuesday's heavily-covered sequence of events leading up to Jordan putting pen to paper for Los Angeles.

Via the Cyber Dust app, which he created and owns, Cuban put out a series of messages Friday morning that explained how he spent his time and his text interactions with Jordan on Tuesday. The clarifications came in response to Tuesday reports from ESPN's Chris Broussard that Cuban was “beside himself,” driving around Houston (where Jordan resides) and texting Jordan's family, “begging” for the star center's address. Broussard originally tweeted that Cuban was looking for them in Dallas, later correcting himself.

Cuban wrote that on Monday, he and Jordan exchanged texts discussing Dallas' forthcoming roster moves, including soliciting input from Jordan on which free agents he was interested in playing with. He noted “how excited” Jordan was.

After catching wind of the rumors surrounding Jordan's change of heart, Cuban flew to Houston and checked into a hotel near Jordan's house. He wrote that he stopped by Jordan's house and that nobody was home. He texted sporadically with Jordan, who told Cuban he was on a date. Cuban then wrote that he returned to his hotel.

Reports Tuesday indicated that Jordan spent Tuesday afternoon into late Tuesday night in his house, surrounded by Clippers players, and members of the organization until he officially signed to stay in Los Angeles. Clippers forward Blake Griffin tweeted a picture of a chair, supposedly inside Jordan's home. 

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Cuban's messages are below, via @KennyDucey.

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