Marbury: Kobe would be ‘biggest thing ever’ for Chinese basketball

Los Angeles Lakers  guard Kobe Bryant will finish his NBA career next Spring, but former star Stephon Marbury thinks Bryant still might have more to give.
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Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant will finish his NBA career this spring, but former NBA All–Star Stephon Marbury thinks Bryant still might have more to give.

Speaking with Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears, Marbury — who plays for the Beijing Ducks — said that Bryant finishing his playing career in the Chinese Basketball Association would be monumental for the league.

“They love him here,“ Marbury, 38, said. “It is a little bit past love. It would be like the biggest thing ever in basketball here. It would be beyond huge. Beyond big. I would definitely encourage it. … They love basketball here. You can’t control the excitement.”

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He noted that the Chinese Basketball Association only plays games on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so Bryant would be able to stay fresh. 

Marbury has played in China since 2010 and joined Beijing in 2011. In Beijing, the team unveiled a statue in his honor in 2012.

- Kenny Ducey