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Report: Joe Johnson would go to Cavs if bought out by Nets

Joe Johnson would reportedly join the Cavaliers if bought out by the Nets.

Joe Johnson would join the Cavaliers if bought out by the Nets, reports Chris Haynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

To become a free agent, Johnson, 34, would have to have his $25 million salary for this season bought out. If Brooklyn decides to buy out Johnson's contract, Cleveland would be his first choice, Haynes reports.

Players must be bought out and sign with a new team by March 1 in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs. Cleveland has two open roster spots.

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An ESPN report earlier this week indicated that Johnson will seek an extension with the Nets this off-season and does not want to leave Brooklyn.

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Haynes reports that three-point specialist Steve Novak, who will be bought out by Denver, is also a candidate to join the Cavaliers.