An anonymous NBA scout previews the Wolves for the 2017-16 season.

October 19, 2016

"Best-case: They have Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and they fight for the eighth seed. Worst-case: Their lack of depth bites them and they’re still a year away from the big jump. Still, I don’t see them finishing worse than 11th in the West. … Thibodeau has great taste in young talent and he found an organization that can really benefit from his style and experience. He will try to turn Wiggins into guys like Deng and Butler, and he can make Towns into Noah with better offense. That’s his formula and he’s got the pieces to do it. ... Towns will be a top 10 player at the end of this season. He will be right there in both All-Star and All-NBA talk. I’ll take him over Anthony Davis right now and Kevin Love at his peak with the Timberwolves. … Towns is the total package offensively. Limitless ceiling. He can score without being selfish, you can move him around all over the court, great touch for a big guy. Defensively, he needs to make progress with his strength, awareness and timing. All of that stuff will come. … I question whether Wiggins will deliver on the hype. They just haven’t had much structure to their offense in the past and he needs to prove that he can be a guy who contributes within the structure rather than just an open court guy who gets by on his athleticism. … Kris Dunn is the best player in this draft. I would have taken him number one overall and I think he will be the Rookie of the Year. He has a higher floor than a guy like D’Angelo Russell and I trust him to figure it out. He has the personality, the tempo to his game, the play-to-play intensity. … I bet they transition Dunn into the starting point guard role and that puts Rubio’s future into question. Rubio is a very good player but I think they’ll have trouble trading him for value because everyone knows they have Dunn. … LaVine should be a designated scorer off the bench because he doesn’t guard well enough to be a starter. He has blinders. I don’t see the star talk; I think he’s a slightly more skilled Gerald Green. Thibodeau will either be the best or worst thing to happen to him. … Minnesota might be a little thin at other spots but I like their rotation of bigs. … Aldrich was a nice pick-up at a good price. He and Dieng are a great contrast to have in terms of their skills at that five spot. Aldrich gives you some workmanlike offense and Dieng is more of an interior defensive presence. They’ve got Jordan Hill for energy and rebounding too. … Will Thibodeau trust Muhammad? He’s pretty expendable and could be a trade piece."

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