An anonymous NBA scout previews the Suns for the 2017-16 season.

October 19, 2016

"Their ceiling is third in the Pacific but it’s so health dependent. Chandler, Bledsoe and Knight have all had injury issues and need to stay on the court if they’re going to make any noise. … Among new coaches, Earl Watson is the hardest to peg style-wise because he’s so young and inexperienced. This is a wait-and-see team as he gets his bearings, although he has a bunch of pretty good guards who should help ease his transition. He’s not facing any pressure to win this year, which helps. … They have two rosters in one: a roster of vets and a roster of all their recent really young draft picks. They’ll probably try to win out of the gate and if something goes wrong they will shift to a youth movement. … The vets won’t really block the young guys too much. This will be Booker’s team sooner rather than later. I don’t think Chandler is blocking Len’s development because Len just isn’t that good. Bender and Chriss should be able to get minutes because they don’t have a rock solid option at that four spot. … Knight is a guy who gets numbers on bad teams. Phoenix lost that trade when they added him. … Don’t give up on Bledsoe. He’s an All-Star candidate if he stays healthy this season; If not, they probably need to move on. … Booker is their best asset and it’s not close. He has a higher ceiling than guys like CJ McCollum and Bradley Beal. He’s 19, high-level makeup, doesn’t get rattled, smooth on the ball, very calm and plays with great pace. He can be an All-Star in 2017-18, even in the West. … The Suns could wind up being second-guessed on this draft for sure because both Bender and Chriss will play the same position as stretch fours and both need a lot of work. This is the type of draft that can get a GM fired in two years. … Bender was one of the biggest disappointments in Las Vegas. Turnovers, bad decisions, not hitting his shots. I don’t see him having an impact on this team in his rookie year. … I love Ulis. He’s going to stick in the league for sure. They can use him as a full-court press guy, harassing ball-handlers and then let the offense come in minor doses. He has a chance to score a little bit out of pick-and-rolls. … They added Dudley and Barbosa because their locker room was a mess last year. … Chandler’s activity is starting to wane. … Len is 7-foot-1 and shoots 42%. Come on. I don’t know what he does that’s helpful at all. His size and supposed strength doesn’t translate into gameplay. He’s a top-five pick who is entering his fourth season and might not even have starter potential. A guy like Nikola Jokic already looks way better than him."

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