Dwyane Wade fined $25,000 for throat-slash gesture

Wade celebrated after hitting a game-sealing three.
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The NBA has fined Bulls guard Dwyane Wade $25,000 for making a throat-slash gesture after hitting a game-sealing three on Thursday, the league announced.

Wade hit a stepback three with just over 26 seconds to go in regulation to give Chicago a 104–99 advantage over the Celtics, his fourth triple of the night. Afterward, he stood in place and motioned across his throat.

After the game, he tweeted out an apology to any young fans watching at home, saying, “I was caught up in the emotions of my first game at home.” He called it an “out-of-body experience” while speaking with reporters.

Kevin Durant was fined for a throat-slash gesture back in 2013.

– Kenny Ducey