NBA Social Rankings: Who Won The Week?

Baseball fan LeBron. Shirtless J.R. Smith. Draymond being Draymond. The Crossover ranks the best off-the-court happenings on social media this week.
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Welcome to The Crossover’s weekly social media power rankings, where we determine who won the week off the court. The second week of the NBA season brought us shirtless stars, Halloween costumes, the search for a lost dog and a lot of 3–1 jokes. We'll rank performances from best to worst. Here’s how the week shook out:

1. Draymond Green

The 3–1 lead jokes were everywhere on Wednesday night, but no post packed a punch quite like Dray’s.

If you’ll recall (how could you not?), Green’s Golden State Warriors blew a 3–1 lead in last year’s NBA Finals despite having the league’s first unanimous MVP and enjoying the greatest regular season in league history. After the Indians relinquished the same lead in this year’s World Series, Green noted that 3–1 might be the worst lead in sports. I'm not going to argue.

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2. LeBron James

More baseball content in this basketball post. After Rajai Davis hit an eighth-inning, two-run homer off Aroldis Chapman to tie Game 7 of the World Series, LeBron lost it. If he was really about it, though, he would have offered to pitch the 10th.

Also, he won Halloween.

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3. Leandro Barbosa

The Brazilian Blur lost his adorable dog, Maya, this week. Upon his request, basketball fans retweeted the post to help in the search.

Sure enough, an hour later, a police officer found Maya.

Full disclosure: I shed a few tears.

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4. Evan Turner

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5. J.R. Smith

Any time J.R. takes his shirt off he lands in the top five.

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5. Enes Kanter

Enes was out and about this Halloween. He tried to scare some kids with a mask, and talked to his followers in the calmest of natures.

Then, he called out the Hulk. Looks to me like an imposter.

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6. Metta World Peace

I imagine you’ll see Metta on these rankings a lot this season. He’s the only man who can wear panda sneakers and still intimidate you.

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7. Jared Sullinger


​Sullinger, a friend and former teammate of Evan Turner’s, retweeted our Ben Golliver because he thought he was paying far too much attention to Turner’s plus-minus. If you really want to burn Ben, manually retweet him!

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8. Kevin Durant

Hey–hey, Steph. Yo. Hi-five! Ahhhhhh got em!!

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9. Suns hype dude

Before Eric Bledsoe’s buzzer-beating three, this was the highlight of the Suns’ season.

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10. Jerian Grant

Straight flamed this dude for thinking he was his brother, Jerami.

Bonus: Important dog update

Happy Birthday, Riggs.