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Carmelo Anthony says he is unsure of Knicks direction

Carmelo Anthony says he is unsure of Knicks direction.
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New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony says he has no idea about the team's direction moving forward after they made no deals before the trading deadline on Thursday.

Anthony had been the subject of trade rumors in recent weeks, with links to the Cleveland Cavaliers being the most prominent.

“No, to be honest with you, no," Anthony told reporters after Thursday's game against the Cavaliers. “I think they [were] planning on the trade deadline and they were trying to make moves. That was one plan. Now they got to get back to the drawing board for another plan for the future of the team.”

There were also reports of point guard Derrick Rose possibly being shipped to Minnesota in exchange for Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio but that trade did not happen.

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“Nobody likes to be in limbo," Anthony said. “We all want to know what’s going on especially when it’s involving you. I think there’s other players who feel the same way. They want to be involved. Not involved but up to date."

As far as his relationship with Knicks president Phil Jackson, Anthony says they will talk when there is business to discuss.

“We’re in the same workplace, I see him,’’ Anthony said. “We see each other. You want me to spend more time with him in the office? If there’s something to talk about, whether it’s about the team, organization, I’m there. I come to work every day."

Anthony scored 20 points in the 119–114 loss to Cleveland, the team's eighth loss in the past 10 games.

- Scooby Axson