NBA Social Rankings: Who Won The Week?

Did LeBron James take a "shot" at Lonzo Ball? Did anyone have a better week than Devin Booker? We break down the week that was in our social rankings.
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Welcome back to The Crossover’s weekly social media power rankings, where we determine who won the week off the court. This week, LeBron takes a couple strange jumpers, Devin Booker owns Jae Crowder on Instagram and Russell Westbrook keeps dancing. We’ll rank performances from best to worst. Here’s how the week shook out:

1. LeBron James

I don’t want to hear about how this was a Bill Cartwright tribute, or a Marcus Camby impersonation, or a salute to Jamaal Wilkes. There is no way he was impersonating anyone but Lonzo Ball here. Maybe he was legitimately curious how Ball does it, or perhaps he just wanted to stunt on LaVar. Either way, it appears this feud has some more fire.

2. Devin Booker

Seventy points and an effortless clapback at Jae Crowder. What a week for D-Book!

3. John Wall

Well, well, well. Look who has a jumper now.

4. Shaq

Shaq did two things that really made me laugh Thursday night. First, he totally owned this hater making a valid point about his sweat:

Then he pretended to be really mad about LeBron breaking his record, which was funny, because it involved Shaq.

He also has an underrated Instagram account where he posts random videos documenting his life. This week, he listened to “Mask Off” in a car equipped with a deafening subwoofer:

Oh, and did I mention he got his own statue this week? We should start calling him The Big Content.

5. This Dad

6. Russell Westbrook

No idea how we keep getting these videos—and how they keep getting better. Going to need some sort of monthly subscription service that delivers them to my door. If I can subscribe to razor blades and bed linens, why can’t I subscribe to videos of Russ dancing?

7. Nutso Hawks fan

As crazy as it sounds, I’m totally unimpressed by the trampoline dunk. What comes next is the real shocker.

8. Trail Blazers

The Blazers momentarily grabbed the last playoff spot out west from the Nuggets and celebrated like they clinched the No. 1 seed. Kinda hate it, but also kinda really respect it.

9. Andrew Wiggins

Wiggins trolling KAT on Instagram Live from nba

I really to want to give Wiggins some more props for this, but the burn was weak. Almost looks like someone took over his account to send this. If you’re going to come at KAT, you best not miss!

10. Anthony Davis