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Here's how to watch the 2017 NBA draft lottery

By Scooby Axson
May 16, 2017

The NBA's draft lottery is a chance for teams languishing at the cellar of the league to perhaps get a franchise-changing players as well as the opportunity to officially see where they will be picking in the June 22 draft.

The lottery is designed to give the worst teams the best chance at scoring the No. 1 overall pick and in some cases like this season a proven team such as the Boston Celtics will be picking high due to some shrewd trading years ago.

Here are the teams in this year's lottery, with the odds to win the No. 1 pick.

Boston (via Brooklyn) 25%
Phoenix 19.9%
L.A. Lakers 15.6%
Philadelphia 11.9%
Orlando Magic 8.8%
Minnesota 5.3%
New York 5.3%
Sacramento 0%
Dallas 1.7%
New Orleans 1.1%
Charlotte 0.8%
Detroit 0.7%
Denver 0.6%
Miami 0.5%

Here's how to watch the NBA draft lottery

Date:Tuesday, May 16

Time: 8 p.m ET, before Game 2 of Western Conference Finals


Live stream: WatchESPN

On-stage team representatives and participants are listed here.

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