She was probably joking, but...

By Jeremy Woo
June 10, 2017

Mary Babers-Green, mother of Draymond Green, took to the internet during Game 4 of the Finals to assert (perhaps jokingly?) that the “officials were officially paid.”

Important context: when she tweeted this, it appeared that Draymond had been ejected after a second technical foul, in a sequence nobody really understood, which did not lead to his ejection (apparently his first-quarter tech was actually assesed to Steve Kerr). The storm of emojis would seem to suggest a degree of levity here, but there were a lot of tweets in a row.

There were a series of tweets here — and the refs were indeed pretty bad during the game. Still, it was noteworthy, and she was mostly right. Babers-Green is known for being endearingly outspoken, and hey — the Warriors got in foul trouble early, a lot of weird stuff happened during the game, and people who think the NBA is rigged had a lot of fodder.

It is, after all, a long-standing conspiracy theory. Remember that last year, Ayesha Curry was similarly upset during the Finals.

Anyway, here are all her tweets, in order, for the record, as they stand.

Then she retweeted this one:


Oh, and the Cavs won the game 137–116.

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