Watch KD deflect criticism and continue to grind on the way to his first ring in the 35-minute, "Still KD: Through the Noise."

By Tim Kiernan
July 11, 2017

Since his decision in the summer of 2016 to join the team that beat him in the Western Conference finals, Kevin Durant has been the subject of much scorn.

Joining the 73-9 Golden State juggernaut, Durant sent a seismic shock through the sports world and effectively split the universe into two camps: anti-KD or pro-KD.

The superstar has done an impressive job of staying focused, remaining grounded, and not allowing his naysayers to affect him. After a supernatural performance in the Warrior's 4-1 Finals victory over the Cavs, earning him his first championship ring and the title of Finals MVP, the typically reserved Durant has finally spoken up about his journey over the past year.

Durant posted a 35 minute video, chronicling the long, and sometimes difficult road that lead him to his first elusive championship.

The video is titled "Still KD: Through the Noise" and follows Durant as he struggles to block out criticism on his path to the finals. It features interviews with some of Durant's trainers and coaches, including Steve Nash, Rick Barnes, and Billy Donovan. Durant's mother also speaks candidly about her son in the video.

The video is the latest in a series of mini-docs from Durant, who started releasing videos through his YouTube channel in April, though the previous ones were only around two minutes long. 

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