Kentavious Caldwell Pope, meet Octavian Calota-Popa.

By Jeremy Woo
September 06, 2017

NBA Reddit is often a wondrous place. It is currently in such a state.

Depending on your desperation levels for competitive hoops in September, you may or may not know that Eurobasket is going on right now. And Reddit user spewky1010 uncovered a very important bit of roster trivia: there appears to be a Romanian version of Lakers guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Enter Octavian Calota-Popa, a 6'2", 32-year-old point guard who as of Wednesday was averaging seven points per game.

Here are some of his general highlights. It also appears from YouTube that he might also go by Kevin, which is kind of close to Kentavious. Calota-Popa is too close for comfort. Are the Lakers paying attention?

And...that’s basically all there is to say about this. Carry on.


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