Officials gave Carmelo Anthony a flagrant-2. Did they make the right call?

By Stanley Kay
November 05, 2017

Thunder forward Carmelo Anthony was ejected from Sunday's game against the Blazers. 

Anthony was thrown out of the game in the third quarter after he received a flagrant-2 on a layup attempt. Anthony caught Jusuf Nurkic, seemingly inadvertedly, with an elbow to the shoulder, sending Nurkic to the ground in pain. 

The basket went in, but it was waved off by officials after they charged Anthony with the foul. Nurkic was initially given a foul before officials changed the ruling on replay. 

Here's another angle. 

That's questionable at best. Here's how NBA crew chief Rodney Mott explained the call to pool reporter Kevin Pelton of ESPN. 

"We deemed that the contact was excessive and that it was not a natural basketball move where he seeks out Nurkic, hits him in the face with an elbow and goes back to the basket," Mott said after the game. "So because it's unnatural and it's deemed excessive, therefore it is a flagrant foul penalty two."

Chris Paul didn't agree with the call. 

Anthony had 15 points and six rebounds in 23 minutes when he exited the game. The Thunder fell to the Blazers, 103-99. 

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