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Joel Embiid on Why he Roots For Arsenal: 'I've Always Been Big on French People'

When asked why he roots for Arsenal, Joel Embiid pointed to cultural reasons. 

Joel Embiid is a big Arsenal fan and he gave us some insight into why on Thursday. 

When asked why he roots for the team among others in the Premier League, Embiid pointed to cultural reasons. 

“I’ve always been big on French people. A lot of people might not agree … They’ve always had a lot of French players.”

Embidd added that he loves Paris and the rest of France. ​

Embiid is from Cameroon, so he's fluent in French, which is one of the official languages of the country. 

Embiid headed to Stamford Bridge with Justin Anderson and Markelle Fultz to watch Chelsea and Arsenal play a nil-nil draw Wednesday.

We can all agree with Embiid on one of his reasons he loves France though — croissants are indeed a favorite.