Tyronn Lue on Referees Overturning Block-Charge Call on LeBron James in Game 1: 'It Ain't Right'

Lue didn't appreciate the referees overturning the block-call charge on James. 
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Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue didn't appreciate the referees overturning a controversial block-charge call on LeBron James in the fourth quarter of Game 1.

LeBron James drew a charge on Kevin Durant with 36.3 seconds left on the clock. Referees reviewed the call and changed it to a block, giving Durant two free throws over giving Cleveland possession of the ball. The Cavaliers were up 104-102.

During the post-game press conference, Lue called out the referees for reviewing the call, saying he thought James was outside the restricted area.

"They called a charge, right? And LeBron was clearly four feet outside the restricted area," Lue said. "So it doesn't make sense to go review something if -- the review is if he's on the line or if he's close to the charge circle, that's the review. He wasn't close."

"For our team to come out and play their hearts out and compete the way we did, man, I mean, it's bad. It's never been done before where you know he's outside the restricted, and then you go there and overturn the call and say it's a block...It ain't right."

The game stretched to overtime with the Warriors beating the Cavs 124-114.