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Steve Kerr to Media: “I Thought You Guys Were Much Better Today”

Kerr's response was in reference to LeBron James telling a reporter to "be better tomorrow" after Game 1.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was clearly in a joking mood after Golden State's 122-103 win over the Cavaliers in Game 2 on Sunday.

After speaking with reporters post-game, Kerr concluded his press conference by jokingly telling the media, "You guys were much better today."

Kerr's comment was in reference to LeBron James walking out of his postgame press conference after Game 1, when James told a reporter to "be better tomorrow."

Mark Schwarz of ESPN tried to talk with James about J.R. Smith's blunder in Game 1. The two essentially repeated themselves over and over with Schwarz asking James what Smith was thinking on the play and James saying he doesn't know until finally James got up and left the press conference.

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Kerr clearly noticed James's comments and offered his two cents on the situation. 

Even off the court, the rivalry continues.