Report: NBA Memo Says One-and-Done Rule May Be Gone by 2021

The NBA's memo on possible draft eligibility changes comes less than a week before the NBA draft.
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The NBA sent teams a memo on Friday saying that changes to draft eligibility rules could possibly be coming, according to ESPN.

If changes were made to the current rule, it could happen by 2021 but is not expected to take place before. Removing the one-and-done rule would allow top high school prospects back into the draft, meaning the first draft after the change would be loaded with two draft classes.

The memo states that the possible changes are "related to player development and the corruption investigation in college basketball," reports ESPN.

The "one-and-done" rule is reportedly not mentioned by name, but the memo serves as a reminder to teams that the league and players union could change the rule before the current collective bargaining agreement ends in 2024.

With the NBA draft coming up next Thursday, the memo gives teams a heads up that any rule changes could affect trading future draft picks. Three teams owe 2021 first-round picks. The Grizzlies owe the Celtics an unprotected 2021 pick, and the Bucs owe the Suns an unprotected 2021 pick. The Heat already traded an unprotected 2021 pick to the Suns in 2015 in their trade for Goran Dragic.

Under the one-and-done rule, which started in 2005, players must be out of high school for a year or be 19 to be eligible for the draft.