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Donovan Mitchell's 'Spida' Nickname Is Officially an Entry on

'Spida' was added under slang terms on

Donovan Mitchell might have lost the Rookie of the Year award, but he received an honor from Mitchell's nickname "Spida" is officially an entry under the website's slang section.

The website defines "Spida" as "A basketball species usually found above the rim; equipped with superhuman sense, shot-slinging abilities and unrivaled bounce."

It also offers an alternate definition: "Nickname of Donovan Mitchell, record-breaking shooting guard for the Utah Jazz and contender for NBA's 2018 Rookie of the Year."

In true dictionary fashion, the website offers the word's origin, explaining how Mitchell was given the nickname as a kid because of his love for dunking.

The website compares Mitchell with Marvel Comic's Spider-Man saying, "Both are daring and determined. Both are stealthy and smart." goes on to toot its own horn by including a photo of Mitchell's hoodie that defined "rookie," apparently using their official definition. Mitchell wore the hoodie to troll Rookie of the Year winner Ben Simmons this spring, after Simmons said he should win the award.

In his first NBA season, Mitchell averaged 20.5 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.7 assists in 79 games with the Jazz.