You Can Pay $100 to Not Watch the Warriors at Oracle Arena

Golden State's "In the Building" passes are good for every home game in a given month. 
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With the Warriors' season ticket waiting list up to 44,000 hopefuls, Golden State unveiled a new plan on Monday to allow more fans into Oracle Arena in Oakland. But the plan won't allow Warriors fans to catch a glimpse of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. 

Golden State is now offering a monthly "In The Building Pass" per ESPN's Darren Rovell, charging patrons $100 for entrance into every Warriors' home game in a given month. However, the passes don't include a seat, nor are they standing room tickets to watch the NBA's premier team take the court. Instead, the monthly pass allows entrance into the arena's restaraunts and bars, giving fans a view of the team through television monitors throughout Oracle. 

The Warriors are expected to sell roughly 200 passes per month. Fans can purchase up to four passes.

Golden State has sold out 299 consecutive games, the fourth-longest streak in the NBA. While other professional franchises have offered obstructed-view and standing-room tickets in prior years, the Warriors are the first team to allow fans into their arena without access to the game.