Scottie Pippen on LeBron James: 'He's Not Even What Kobe Bryant Was as a Player'

Pippen said James does not have the ability to take over a game the way Jordan did during his playing days.
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Scottie Pippen doesn't believe LeBron James compares to Michael Jordan.

Speaking with ESPN's First Take ahead of the NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte, Pippen chimed into the debate on whether James or Jordan was the greatest NBA player of all-time. Pippen took the debate one step further by adding that James didn't even compare to Lakers great Kobe Bryant.

"When I look at LeBron, he's not what Michael was as a player. He's not even what Kobe Bryant was as a player," Pippen said. "So when you talk about trying to compare Michael's instinct, his ability to take over games, his ability to want to have the last shot, LeBron doesn't have that gene. That's not in him."

Last month, Pippen called James out for calling himself the greatest player of all-time on his show, "More Than An Athlete." 

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James holds a host of NBA achievements including three championships, three Finals MVP awards, four MVP awards and 14 All-Star appearances. He has also been to nine NBA Finals – winning three and losing six. Jordan finished his 15-year NBA career with six championships, six Finals MVP awards, five league MVPs and 14 All-Star appearances.

Bryant, who is deemed as No. 3 to many in the debate, ended his career with five championships, two Finals MVPs, one league MVP award and 18 All-Star appearances.

The 2018 Lakers are now 28–29 and have lost five of the last seven games. They rank tenth in the Western Conference, three games behind the eighth-seeded Clippers.