Westbrook, Kevin Durant and James Harden reached the Finals in 2012, losing to LeBron James and the Heat. 

By Michael Shapiro
February 15, 2019

Thunder guard Russell Westbrook took some time to reminisce on Friday while discussing Oklahoma City's Big 3 era with comedian and actor Kevin Hart. Westbrook detailed the potential success had Kevin Durant and James Harden stayed in Oklahoma City before sharing his opinions on the NBA's super-team era. 

"We made it to the Finals. I definitely know if we could have stayed together, we would have been a problem for sure," Westbrook told Hart. "We talked about it for a couple of years but not much. Everybody else is talking about it ever since."

The 2016-17 MVP said developing super teams akin to the Warriors is, "not my style."

"I like to compete, I like to go against the best," Westbrook said. "That's just why I've always stayed in Oklahoma City."

Harden was traded from Oklahoma City to Houston in Oct. 2012. Durant left the Thunder in free agency in July 2016. 

Westbrook may not be part of a super team, but the Thunder have been impressive heading into the All-Star break. Oklahoma City is 37–20, third in the West. Westbrook has notched a triple-double in 11-straight games, while teammate Paul George has recently entered the MVP conversation

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