Big Baller Brand Website No Longer Active

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Big Baller Brand's website now forwards users directly to the personal site of BBB co-founder Alan Foster, raising questions about the status of the Ball family's flagship entity.

BBB released a statement Wednesday claiming the company is "alive and well," while announcing plans for a new website and reiterating LaVar Ball's plans to move the business forward.

Website visitors are greeted with the triple-B logo, which features subtext inviting users to click to shop online after being redirected. However, the redirection goes straight to Foster’s page advertising the Baller Financial Network, which offers “elite online mentor courses.” 

Foster is Lonzo Ball’s former business manager and partner who worked closely with the eldest Ball son as well as the family patriarch, LaVar, on founding BBB and other Ball family companies. Lonzo severed all ties with Foster in March, accusing him of fraud and filing a lawsuit seeking around $2 million that he alleges went missing from personal and business accounts. Foster filed a countersuit for $2.6 million against Lonzo and LaVar in an attempt to clear his name, claiming the Balls embezzled from BBB and Ball Sports Group. 

Despite owning 51% of the company, Lonzo has taken steps to distance himself from the brand that bears his family name. He covered up the BBB tattoo on his right arm, ditched his signature shoe (as did his younger brother LaMelo) and hinted at a possible Nike union on Instagram while playing in Nike shoes since his trade to the Pelicans. 

The drama surrounding BBB led to a summer of feuding between father and son that peaked when LaVar called Lonzo “damaged goods” during an argument about changing the brand’s name following the controversy. The pair allegedly squashed their beef, and LaVar seemed confident in a BBB revival when asked about the topic last week by TMZ.

Lonzo debuted for the Pelicans on Wednesday, logging eight points, five rebounds and five assists in 25 minutes.