LeBron James to Help Provide Housing for I PROMISE School Students, Families in Need

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LeBron James Opens I Promise School on Monday - IMAGE

LeBron James might be just a few games into his second year with the Lakers, but on Monday he again made it clear how important the state of Ohio is to him. James announced his foundation’s plan to provide housing for the families of students at his I PROMISE School who are in need.

The plan, which will be developed in partnership with Graduate Hotels, is to develop a "transitional housing community" for Akron families struggling with homelessness, domestic violence and other challenges, the official release said.

“Initially, our work was focused on helping these kids earn an education. But we’ve found that it is impossible to help them learn if they are struggling to survive—if they are hungry, if they have no heat in the freezing winter, if they live in fear for their safety,” James said. “We wanted this place to be their home where they feel safe, supported, and loved, knowing we are right there with them every step of the way as they get back on their feet.”

James’s foundation opened the school for at-risk third and fourth graders last year and it has plans to expand through eighth grade by 2022.

"Proud of this!!!!" James tweeted on Monday. "There's always more to be done when it comes to giving my kids an opportunity to be successful in life. Every barrier we remove can possibly change their family's life and we're never going to stop!!"

Graduate will renovate the historic Westmont apartment building, located roughly five blocks from the school in Akron’s Highland Square neighborhood, and donate it to the school. Renovation on the building will start immediately, the foundation said, and it is scheduled to be operational in July when the next school year begins.