Report: NBA Puts Possible Schedule Changes Vote on Hold

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A vote to consider possible changes to the NBA schedule is no longer planned for April, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Instead, according to ESPN, the NBA informed its teams on Friday that it wants to continue learning more about the three significant items, including an in-season tournament, a play-in tournament and the reseeding of the conference finalists.

In December, the NBA reportedly sent a proposal outlining such sweeping changes to its teams. It hoped to get its approval from two-thirds of the teams (23) and the NBPA to agree to the calendar changes, enacting the adjustments in 2021-22, the league's 75th anniversary season.

The sweeping changes to the NBA schedule could have a major impact on the league.

As Sports Illustrated's legal analyst Michael McCann wrote in November, the league appears to be banking on the idea that some of the proposed changes are popular in other leagues. But the possible changes are not without complications.

McCann noted that significant negotiations would be necessary, not only between the NBA and NBPA but also between the league and its broadcast partners and sponsors. Teams would also need to tweak their contractual understandings with sponsors, venues, food and beverage providers, and regional sports networks. The availability of arenas and other schedule-related conflicts would likely be revisited.

The CBA between the NBA and its players would also need to be modified or amended, according to McCann. 

Wojnarowski reports that there is still no consensus on the best time for the 30-team in-season tournament. He adds that there is additional concern over travel if the league does reseed its conference finalists and that large market owners are also concerned that a decrease in home games could come at a net financial loss.

The current CBA runs through the 2023-24 season, with a mutual opt-out clause after the 2022-23 season.