LeBron James, Top Earners Avoid Pay Decrease Amid COVID-19 Suspension

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LeBron James is one of five players who will not see a reduction in his 2019-20 salary due to the league's coronavirus suspension, according to ESPN's Bobby Marks

The NBA and Players Union agreed to a plan on April 17 to cut paychecks by 25% beginning on May 15. But James–along by Steph Curry, John Wall, Blake Griffin and Paul George–had already been paid his full 2019-20 salary, avoiding the reduction this season.

James and the other top earners will have their pay reduction delayed to their first paychecks for the 2020-21 season. The Lakers will take $390,000 from James' first paycheck next season, while Steph Curry will owe the Warriors $420,000, per Marks. Those payments could repeat if a 25% salary reduction applies to further paychecks for most players this season. 

Paycheck reductions could increase to 40% if the NBA does not hold regular-season games when play resumes, per Marks. If the season is canceled altogether, "players are projected to lose more than $1 billion in total salary."