LeBron James Trained to be a Football Player During the 2011 Lockout

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The LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate has raged for weeks amid 'The Last Dance,' and James apparently almost followed in Jordan's footsteps as a dual-sport athlete.

James said on Monday he trained to be a football player in the 2011 NBA lockout, working on his 40-yard dash and bench press. 

"Myself and my trainer...we really started to actually train to be a football player when it came to like October and November," James said on Uninterrupted. "We started to clock our times with the 40's. We started to add a little bit more in our bench presses and things of that nature."

James' talent on the gridiron is well documented. He was a wide receiver in high school at St. Vincent-St. Mary, and he actually squared off against Kevin Durant in a flag football event during the 2011 lockout. Perhaps James will take a turn to the football field after 2019-20, though it may interrupt his chase for a championship in Los Angeles.