LeBron James Is About to Prove He's the MVP, Again: Unchecked

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LeBron James knows Giannis Antetokounmpo is going to win MVP and that’s a problem for the rest of the league.

Because let’s be honest, as I’ve said many times, a healthy LeBron is always the most valuable player in the NBA, and everyone knows it. James included.

It’s almost cute at this point that people will again wait until the playoffs are over before the realization hits them. Taking nothing away from Giannis, he’s a beast. But the statistical difference simply isn’t enough for me given that the Los Angeles Lakers were outscored with James off the floor and since he was averaging more than 25 points a game and leading the league in assists, all while showing a renewed commitment on D. 

And as for the record? LeBron pointed out what would’ve been used against him before. The Greek Freak and the Milwaukee Bucks are doing it in the East, while James and company have made light work of the supposedly mighty West. I guess that argument doesn’t matter anymore because of Anthony Davis or something.

But let me point something else out, the New York Knicks have won a playoff game more recently than the Lakers, who are now the favorites to win it all.

I wonder why that is? Probably the same reason the Cleveland Cavaliers went from the Finals to the Lottery to now being unable to even qualify for the bubble. 

It’s likely better this way, as it is even more motivation for LeBron’s “Revenge Season”.

Because while the Most Valuable Player in the history of sports might not get the votes to win the MVP award, he'll certainly have all the eyes when the NBA returns.