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Netflix Releases 'The Final Shot' Documentary on Tony Parker's Career

A new documentary about former Spurs point guard Tony Parker was released by Netflix on Wednesday. 

Tony Parker: The Final Shot is a deep dive into the career of the retired point guard. The documentary includes interviews with Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Greg Popovich, Kobe Bryant and other NBA greats. 

The documentary covers Parker's ascension from a young French basketball player to all-time Spurs great, including footage of his time as a teenager playing club basketball in France. 

Parker put together a Hall of Fame resume during his 18-year NBA career that included six All-Star appearances, four championships and a 2007 Finals MVP award. In the trailer, the late Bryant acknowledged that the 6'2" point guard was a thorn in his side during his years with the Lakers.

"He's responsible for me not winning more championships," Bryant said.

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The documentary also touches on Parker's devastating injury in May 2017, when he suffered a ruptured quadriceps tendon in his left leg but ultimately recovered. Duncan, a longtime teammate of Parker, said that his former teammate's stubbornness can be attributed to his comeback.

"His injury can end people's careers," Duncan said. "He didn't accept that answer."  

In the film, Robinson praises Parker for what he's done for the game of basketball on an international level.

"Tony has won a lot, and been one of the best point guards in the league for a long time," Robinson says in the documentary. "He'll be recognized as a guy who helped changed the NBA into a more international sport."

Parker spent his final NBA season with the Hornets before retiring in 2019.