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Kyrie Irving Again Declines to Apologize for Sharing Antisemitic Film

Less than an hour after NBA commissioner Adam Silver denounced Kyrie Irving’s tweet promoting the antisemitic film Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America on his Twitter page and having yet to apologize for his actions, the Nets guard spoke to the media. 

“I didn’t mean to cause any harm,” Irving said Thursday. “I’m not the one who made the documentary.” 

When asked what specifically from the film did not line up with his beliefs, Irving said, “Some of the criticism of the Jewish faith and the community, for sure. Some points made in there that were unfortunate.”

Irving did not apologize for the since-deleted tweet or his doubling down and said he took responsibility for his support of the film. He is likely referring to the statement he released alongside the Anti-Defamation League on Wednesday where the guard said, “I am aware of the negative impact of my post towards the Jewish community and I take responsibility. I do not believe everything said in the documentary was true or reflects my morals and principles.” 

On Thursday, he was directly asked whether he was sorry for initially posting a link to the film and the pain it caused people. 

“I take my responsibility for posting that,” he said. “Some things that were questionable in there, untrue. Like I said in the first time you guys asked me when I was sitting on that stage, I don’t believe everything that everybody posts. It’s a documentary.”  

He was also asked whether he has antisemitic beliefs. 

“I cannot be antisemitic if I know where I come from,” he said.

Per ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Irving spoke to media members for just over six minutes before a Nets public relations staffer cut the availability short on Thursday. In his statement, Silver said he will speak to Irving personally next week. He has yet to face any discipline from either Brooklyn or the NBA. 

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