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Dillon Brooks, Ime Udoka Ejected From Rockets-Bucks After Arguing Blatant No-Call

The closing moments of Sunday’s Rockets-Bucks game featured a bit of controversy after an apparent no-call led to the ejection of Rockets coach Ime Udoka and guard Dillon Brooks.

Houston’s 128–119 loss saw the officials eject Brooks and Udoka after the pair argued what appeared to be a missed push. After the game, a frustrated Udoka made his frustrations with the decision clear, insisting the incorrect call was made before calling out the officiating.

“Same refs missing the same calls throughout the game,” Udoka said of the play. “Calling it very quickly or tight on other plays. … It was a ton of missed calls throughout.”

The heated moment occurred after Brooks knocked a pass from Bucks star Khris Middleton out of the air with Milwaukee leading, 125–116, late in the fourth quarter. 

As both players hustled toward the ball, Middleton appeared to push Brooks out of bounds, prompting him to question the play on a dead ball. Brooks was then hit with two technical fouls for arguing before Udoka marched onto the floor to defend his player.

Although Brooks and Udoka may have a fair case, the sting of their ejections will likely still linger following what was an overall rough night in Milwaukee.

The Rockets (13–10) will now turn their attention to Monday’s road meeting with the Cavaliers, for which Udoka and Brooks should be available