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NBA Fans Bashed 2024 All-Star Game for Lack of Competitiveness

The 2024 NBA All-Star Game was a ridiculously high-scoring affair, with the Eastern Conference dropping 104 points in the first half. 

By the end of the third quarter, the scoreboard read 160–136, with the East holding a 24-point lead over the Western Conference, and nearly 300 points combined between the two teams. By game’s end, the Eastern Conference scored a record-setting 211 points, shattering the previous All-Star Game high of 196. 

Despite the accumulation of the league’s most elite talent, fans weren’t pleased with the product on the court on Sunday night at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. 

As is often the case during NBA All-Star Games, there was a total lack of defensive effort, with players getting open shots at will and getting to the basket uncontested. Amid the onslaught of players pulling up from the logo and beyond, as well as the multitude of open dunks without a defender in sight, many basketball fans were left longing for a much more competitive showdown.

Not everyone was opposed to the barrage of three-pointers, however. Some fans were enjoying the silliness of the event and getting the chance to see their favorite players let loose and showcase their offensive capabilities.