Stephen A. Smith is Hearing Devin Booker Wants to Play in New York

That's the scuttlebutt.

The Phoenix Suns were swept by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round of the NBA playoffs. With the Suns' season ending miserably, the time has come to question everything about the future of the franchise. That means it's time to head to the rumor mill.

First up this offseason is Devin Booker, who has spent his entire career with the Suns, but is apparently eyeing a move to New York City according to ESPN's Stephen A. Smith.

The full quote, transcribed:

"Oh, by the way. Last point. From what I'm being told, I don't know if it'll ever happen, Devin Booker wants to be in New York. That's what I'm being told. That's what I'm being told. Now he might deny it. I haven't spoken to him. I'm just telling you. The scuttlebutt in the NBA circles is that, brother want to be in New York. So if you're Phoenix, you got at least two people, probably three, who all get paid about $150 million combined, don't want to be there."

Booker, a four-time All-Star, was drafted by the Suns in 2015. He signed a four-year supermax contract extension worth $221 million back in 2022 that kicks in this summer. You'll need a capologist to explain how the Knicks could make that work considering they already appear to be over the cap next season and Booker is going to make just under $50 million in the first year of his deal.

You would assume that the Knicks would have to package a number of players to make a deal for Booker. Meaning they'd have to trade some of the guys who helped them finish second in the Eastern Conference this season and have them on the brink of beating the Philadelphia 76ers. A trade like that would mean the Knicks would have a new big three and a shallow bench, just like the Suns this year.

Not that any of that matters because a star wants to play in New York! Stop Stephen A. if you've heard this one before.

As long as there are teams in New York, players will reportedly want to play for them. And people will discuss those rumors in various circles. It's just that sometimes they change their mind. Or deny it. That's just the nature of scuttlebutt.

Stephen Douglas


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