Patrick Beverley Refused to Talk to a Reporter Who Wasn't Subscribed to His Podcast

The Milwaukee Bucks' ill-fated 2023-2024 season came to an end on Thursday night as the Indiana Pacers eliminated them from the playoffs. The Pacers won, 120-98, sending the Giannis Antotenkounmpo-less Bucks home in six games. Pacers guards Tyrese Haliburton, Andrew Nembhard and TJ McConnell combined for 51 points and 23 assists. Their counterpart, Patrick Beverley, played a team-high 40 minutes, equaled his season average with six points, and threw a basketball at a fan.

After the game the media gathered around Beverley's locker to talk to the team's sixth-leading postseason scorer. That was when Beverley looked at ESPN's Malinda Adams and asked if she subscribed to his podcast and informed her that she could not interview him if she didn't.

She laughed it off, likely assuming he was joking, but he actually wasn't. So Beverley then pushed her microphone away and said, "Can you move that mic, please? Or just get out the circle, please for me, please ma'am. If you're not subscribed to my pod I'd appreciate that." She then walked away.

Beverley's unprofessional, childish, and quite frankly, lame request has been widely condemned in the media, but the most shocking part is that this apparently wasn't a one-time thing. According to CBS Sports' Jack Maloney, Beverley "has refused to talk to any of us in Milwaukee who do not subscribe to his podcast since he arrived at the trade deadline."

Some people in the comments (never read the comments!) are arguing that since it's free and easy to subscribe to the podcast, media members should just do what Beverley asks (or just lie about it!), but that misses every possible point. First of all, the NBA has rules about media availability and nowhere in those rules does it say a media member needs anything but a credential to get access. Smashing that subscribe button certainly isn't a requirement.

Most importantly, this is just kind of sad. Sad for Beverley, who needs to force people to subscribe to his podcast. Sad for any media member who caved to this ridiculous demand. And especially sad for anyone who has to listen to his reaction when he's told he's definitely not allowed to do this.

Stephen Douglas


Stephen Douglas is a Senior Writer on the Breaking & Trending News Team at Sports Illustrated. He has been in journalism and media since 2008, and now casts a wide net with coverage across all sports. Stephen spent more than a decade with The Big Lead and has previously written for Uproxx and The Sporting News. He has three children, two degrees and one now unverified Twitter account.