LeBron James, JJ Redick Respond to Colin Cowherd's Latest Backward Hat Concerns

Colin Cowherd now has a problem with JJ Redick's hat.
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The latest episode of the "Mind the Game Pod" with LeBron James and JJ Redick hit the Internet on Wednesday. While LeBron and his possible future coach discussed the Los Angeles Lakers' first round loss to the Denver Nuggets, some people were too distracted to hear what they were talking about because JJ Redick was wearing a backwards hat.

One of those people— possibly the only person— was Colin Cowherd, who addressed Redick's chapeaux on Wednesday's edition of The Herd on FS1.

During the conversation, Jason McIntyre revealed that he no longer wears a hat backwards because of this pervasive Cowherd take and Ric Bucher said the same thing when he joined the show a short time later. Both of these were breakout videos on The Herd's official X account. Cowherd specifically doesn't like the idea of a franchise quarterback wearing a backwards hat during his Wednesday press conference or a bank president doing it (bank tellers at company picnics are okay).

"I didn't hear a word LeBron said," Cowherd said. "I couldn't stop staring at the hat. JJ Redick is going for NBA head coaching jobs. He looks like a guy that's going to move my couch. Didn't like it. I'd tell JJ to his face. I'm like, dude, you're going to be an executive in this league. You're going to be a high level executive or coach."

Within a couple hours the clip made its way to Redick who responded by simply saying, "LOL."

LeBron also commented, replying to Redick with pictures of Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith and Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd wearing backwards hats.

For those who don't know, Cowherd has been on an anti-backwards hat crusade for years. Despite what he said today, he really doesn't like quarterbacks wearing one. Before the NFL draft he did a walk and talk where he said JJ McCarthy has "backward hat energy."

He's clearly never going to let this one go and admits as much, but it remains one of the funnier things anyone in sports media is concerned with. Obviously, it doesn't look "professional" to wear a backwards hat, but Redick is co-hosting a podcast. You don't need a suit and tie to host a podcast.

Plus, we regularly see Redick dress up when he appears on ESPN's airwaves. If and when Redick does get a job with an NBA team, that's the guy who they'll be hiring. Redick will probably leave the hat in the podcast studio.

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