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Traina Thoughts: ESPN's Dan Orlovsky Calls Damian Lillard An "Entitled, Spoiled Brat"

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ESPN's Dan Orlovsky dubbed Blazers star Damian Lillard a "spoiled and entitled brat" for saying he didn't want to play in meaningless NBA games if his team didn't have a chance at making the playoffs.

Lillard obviously did not take kindly to the remarks.

Sports Illustrated's Robin Lundberg talked to SI media columnist Jimmy Traina about how sometimes a hot take can get away from you in today's edition of "Traina Thoughts". Check out their conversation.

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Robin Lundberg: ESPN's Dan Orlovsky disagreed with Damian Lillard, who said he didn't want to play if the Blazers didn't have a chance to make the playoffs in any resumed NBA season. But he may have taken a little too far when he called Dame an entitled spoiled brat because of it. For more, I'm joined by our Jimmy Traina. Now Jimmy, you know, as somebody who does this, I understand wanting to distinguish your takes, but I don't get it when people take it personal in these cases, it kind of reminded me of when Rex Ryan called Amari Cooper a turd. 

Jimmy Traina:  Yeah, I mean, I really think this was just a perfect case of 'I do hot takes for a living.' I got to throw out take. Let me spice it up. Although, you know, if you read what I wrote in the in the Traina Thoughts column, obviously Orlovsky you mentioned it entitled spoiled brat is what got a lot of people fired up, including Lillard obviously. But you know, just a bigger problem to me is when people are comparing athletes to regular -- for lack of a better word -- regular people and their jobs. Like Orlovsky's whole rant was comparing Lillard to someone who works in a supermarket. One has nothing to do with the other, it just, it makes no sense whatsoever and is a really bizarre argument.

Robin Lundberg: Yeah, I mean, then again, as you mentioned, I can see this happening where he didn't even mean to have it come across that way. But when you do use those terms, it takes it beyond the realm of just saying, you know, this is your job to play sports, you should play if they resume the season. 

Jimmy Traina: And listen, pandemic or no pandemic players who who play for teams that are eliminated from playoff contention have always missed games towards the end of the season. So I'm not sure exactly what the point was. I think Dan was trying to make this like great philosophical, you know, coronavirus, pandemic, everything has heightened meaning now. And how do you, you know, not work when so many people are unemployed? It's like, OK, that has nothing to do with Damian Lillard sitting out completely meaningless games at the end of an NBA season. I mean, talk about completely unimportant in the grand scheme of the world.

Robin Lundberg: Yeah. Though it did get Damian Lillard's attention that's for sure. Jimmy, appreciate your time as always. Yeah, anytime. 

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