Brandon Banks follows in DeSean Jackson's footsteps

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Redskins return man Brandon Banks did his best DeSean Jackson impression Thursday night against Tampa Bay. At the tail end of an impressive 95-yard punt return, just as he was crossing the Bucs' goal line, Banks dropped the ball as he started to celebrate.

The play was ruled a touchdown, both on the field and after a review. You be the judge:


You can watch the play in its entirety here to get a few more looks at it.

Joe Theismann, who is part of the Redskins' preseason TV team, railed Banks on air after seeing the replay.

"I don't care if you're a hot dog, do whatever you want, but make sure you're in the end zone. This is coming back, he does not have possession of the ball when he crosses the goal line.

Is it so hard in this day and age to run the ball into the end zone? I don't think football has changed that much where you don't want to score touchdowns. It's so simple, it's so simple. If you run around and hand it to an official, you don't have to worry about something like this. It's stupid. It's stupid hot dogging."

As mentioned, the play did stand, despite Theismann's conjecture. Still, Theismann -- and I probably won't say this often -- does have a point. A mistake like that, especially for a guy like Banks who has been fighting for a roster spot, is just downright dumb.

Fumbling in that situation requires a complete lack of mental focus that it's almost baffling.

Of course, when it does happen, the result can be shocking to watch. And if nothing else, the Banks play allows us to take a look back at Jackson's infamous early celebration.

The blunder occurred in Week 2 of Jackson's rookie year. During a game at Dallas, Jackson hauled in a long pass from Donovan McNabb and appeared to head into the end zone for a 61-yard touchdown. Only he didn't quite make it.

Fortunately for Jackson, the refs signaled touchdown and blew the play dead before Dallas picked up the loose ball. Philadelphia's Brian Westbrook scored on the next play.

Notre Dame receiver T.J. Jones also turned in the boneheaded trick last year during a game against Michigan. Jones broke free up the right sideline for a 53-yard touchdown but appeared to drop the ball at about the Michigan 2.

That one was also ruled a touchdown -- although, unlike Jackson's play, there was somehow no review to overturn the call.

And then there's this one, from our friends north of the border in the CFL: